Always loving you
Will I ever stop loving you?
I feel as though
Your love is the truth

Be free, love

Love is not fearful
If you are in fear
you are not
in love, my dear

Let it go
The universe knows
what is best
for your soul

Forbidden Fruits

Why is the forbidden fruit
always the sweetest?
Forbidden fruits
are for our demons

We love what we can't have
We desire what is not ours
But. The forbidden fruit
is forbidden for a reason

Ego and identity
fiend for the forbidden fruits
chases and loves
all that is forbidden

Divine spirit
accepts the fruit
loves the fruit
and focuses only on the fruit
that is given


Fresh Air

New boy
New balance
You bring me so much love
laughter and happiness

Happy wife, happy life
is what you always express
You're real to the bone, noble, & loyal
Actions never less than I expect

I feel rooted to the ground
Safe, warm, and light
as I hold your hand
and walk by your side

A whirlwind of rusty energy
can be surrounding me
But the minute you pull me close
nothing exists, but your light

You embody
an energy so divine and pure
The universe clearly has my back
of that, I am sure

A slow burn
A gradual burn
growing in my heart
so peaceful and secure

Right place
Right time
Same mind
Same vibe

a breath of fresh air

Thank you,

Express yourself

Express yourself
Where do all those 
thoughts and feelings go
if you bottle
all that shit up?

That's disastrous
to your soul

Write it out
Ride it out
Yell it out
Dance it out
Feel it out

Or let it sit there
As it rots
and grows
into a toxic
molded mess

your voice
your choice

Spilled Milk

You can't un-burn
burnt toast
Throw it out
Get you a new bread
or keep the better half

Spilled milk
Don't f*cking cry
over a spill of milk
Get you a napkin
and laugh

No such thing
as un-burning
and no point
in crying
over spilled things


Not sure what to write
Not sure where to go
Turbulence in my mind
Tornado in my heart

Lost, but still.
Still and lost
No such thing as lost and still.
Time to pause.

Don't rewind
Don't press play
For sure don't fast forward
Just pause the game

Do I go right?
Do I go left?
Choose the path that is lighter
For a life much brighter

What a Life

Stay aligned
Alive and divine
Soul knows no time
Ages like fine wine

Whispers in the night-time
Travel through the grapevine
Messages to the red pine
A universal hotline

All universal signs
Guide and remind
Allow stars to align
Then take you to cloud nine

Goals in my mind
Come to life in the night-time
Amplified in the moon shine
If it's mine, then it'll be mine

Have to get offline
To retune and refine
To align to the divine
Where my Master resides

More curves, less lines
More play, less rewind
Less war, let's be kind
Revive Momma Earth's life

Confined to this fake life
Till you open that third eye
Eternal masterminds
Here to serve in this fake life

Human life
Dies in due time
A soul's light
shines at all times

What a time.
What a life.

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