Meditate > Medicate

of how much you smoke
and how much you drink
when your fears
are at their peak

How much are you intaking
when you should be meditating...

Reminder to self:
the more you try to escape
or use anything
other than yourself
to relax,
the demons
will turn up fast.
they'll get louder
and angrier
once you're sober.
Next thing you know,
you won't want to be sober.

instead of using substances
to heal the discomfort
level up and find comfort
in using the most effective tool
that the divine gifted you.

your ears to listen
your body to feel
your third eye to see
your feet to ground
your heart to love.

most importantly,
use your mind
to be kind
and to constantly remind
that this shit is nothing but a dream.
& there really is no such thing
as time.

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