You see nothing
and call it "air"
I see a web connected to everything
Energy, if you will

You see your body
and call it "you"
I see a temporary avatar to assist the soul
Sacred temple, if you will

You see coincidences
and call it a weird "occurrence"
I see a synchronicity to guide you
Winks from the universe, if you will

See things as is
See things for what they are
The conditioned, boxed up, mind
will only take you so far...

go farther.
see the larger


Forbidden Love

What do you do
when your heart longs for a soul
that constantly resides across the globe
a repeating dilemma we cannot control

Your soul makes my heart
so full and so warm
Your presence knows just what to do
to ground my own uncontrollable soul

Why must the universe always separate us
No matter how hard one tries,
It's like it is never the right time
Our paths never correctly or effectively aligned

You are burned within my heart
You are engraved into my mind
I fall right back in love 
as soon as I answer that FaceTime

I guess some things 
are just not meant to be 
either temporarily
or for eternity

So I will see you when we sleep tonight
As we dream and retreat
to our divine home of light
Do you want to make love on the moon tonight?

I love you, always.



When I look at a Tree

As I look at a tree
and remove its label
or name tag, if you will,
the tree is no longer a "tree"

It appears more intriguing, you see
It becomes grand and alive,
interlaced and connected
to everything and I

Moon energy

Creative bursts
as the moon arrives
A burst of creativity
ever-flowing through the shine

If I were in another realm
I would swim
through every rainbow color
all at one time

I'd dive in and out
of the deep blue sea
then swim to the very deep
and dance with love and grace

I'd make love
to the divine frequencies
and sit on the Earth's

True love
Love is truth.


it's necessary
to change locations
change the routine

Kind of like
the way you spring clean
and throw away
your old jeans and tees

Time for new clothes
You've outgrown your shoes.
All of your clothes 
are covered in holes

Switch out your shoes
Switch out your clothes
They don't fit anymore.
Just like your body grows,
so does your soul

So when your soul says
jump and go
you better move
with that flow

New places
New experiences 
is where you find gold.

Go where your soul flows
Go where the wind blows
Be not afraid
Trust and listen
to your wise, old, beautiful soul
and move with the flow.

Hell & Back

Sometimes your heart
must take a ride
a nice long ride
to the dooms of hell.

Your soul must go through
hurricanes, blizzards, and such
in order to level up.
Natural disasters
In order to master
the levels
of life.

Imagine if your heart, mind, and soul
never caught a glimpse of hell?
How boring and shallow 
that would be
But most importantly
you'd never know 
of the divine gold 
that lied deep within your soul

You'd never know God
to the fullest extent
if you never had to search for Her
And you would've never 
even searched for Her
if you never lost a sense of Her
while you were taking that trip
That mandatory trip 
to the dooms and pits

of Hell & Back.

Hello fears

Hello fears
Pretty little fears
sitting in my hand
I receive your message

Quite interesting
Thank you for the lesson
Everything existing
contains a hidden blessing

Hello dark fears
sitting in my hand
Now, goodbye fears
that are being taken 
from my hand

Fly up high
into the pure, divine sky
You are now being integrated
into the

Whole woman

Always protected
Always healthy
Forever loved
& never alone

Single or married
Rich or poor
if there's one thing
that will always be for sure,
it's that I am forever



A conscious release
Subconscious is releasing
all buried thoughts
and suppressed feelings

If you love someone
and if it's meant to be
then it will be.
But before you will know,
you must let them go
and set them free

All those repressed emotions
set them free
Feel, observe, analyze
then let them leave

Let the universe lead
Take the backseat
"Trust in us", the angels said
"And believe." 


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