have fun with it
all of this
is fake

in your mind
what you'd like
your life
to be like

If you want it,
you can have it
(as long as Creator approves)
If He/She doesn't approve
just choose
a different move

At the end of the day
the divine
knows what's best 
for you

Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is where the heart is
and the heart is where
your passions live

My home is
a vibrant color of sea blue paint
lying underneath the sunshine rays
and gentle flood of rain

My home is 
a garden full of flowers
better yet
a giant sturdy tower
covered in all white roses  
all kinds of flowers

My home is 
the sound of
family and friends'
that leaves you with the after
taste of...


Lost Cause

Yeah, I'm going to set you free
I already know
you're leaving me
having dreams of you 
leaving me
I wake up in this reality
and now you're really leaving me

A terrible lover
yeah, that is what I used to be
A shitty lover
the both of us 
were shitty lovers.
The minute we met
this thing was over

Shit was doomed
the minute we linked up
We were so young
full of demons
simply longing for love.

After the first night
I went to your crib
we should've just
wrapped it up there and then
and said
"see you never again"

One minute I am twenty years old
Next thing I know 
I am twenty-five.
Why'd we waste all this time?
Wasted love.
Love wasted.
Push & shove
one year at a time

It was like 
true, divine love.
a powerful connection
going in all the wrong directions
add a hint
of consistent
stress and anxiety
a tragedy
going on
for one year too long.
some kind of addicting chemistry
gone all the way wrong.

repeated cycles
get me out of this vicious
chaotic cycle.

argument after argument
threat after threat
everything was so...

it's years later
and we want to turn it all

were we even in love?
or in...

at this point.
who fucking knows.
I guess this is just how
karmic relationships go.

this shit is dead
this shit is over
such a...
lost cause

but let's keep calling it love 
just to repeat
this ridiculous

Broken Mirror

Would you fix
a broken mirror?
search for all the pieces
put them all together
cut yourself, perhaps.

when it's all said and done
you hang a shattered, glued up
sort of fixed-up
that might fuck up
the minute 
someone fucks up
and touches it
or the minute 
the thin air
hits it
a little bit 
too tough.

let me ask you again.
would you spend all your time
years, perhaps
trying to fix
a broken mirror?
or just get you
a brand new
fucking mirror?


Free Being

This house 
This money
These clothes
This car...
A blessing, don't get me wrong.

This shit feel so fake.
What does it take
to just go home
where I actually belong?

I belong
somewhere along
the big ocean sea
and among 
the highest mountain peaks
where the human body
is unable to breathe.

I belong
in a galaxy
that is full of nothing
but peace
where the spirit can be 100%

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