it's necessary
to change locations
change the routine

Kind of like
the way you spring clean
and throw away
your old jeans and tees

Time for new clothes
You've outgrown your shoes.
All of your clothes 
are covered in holes

Switch out your shoes
Switch out your clothes
They don't fit anymore.
Just like your body grows,
so does your soul

So when your soul says
jump and go
you better move
with that flow

New places
New experiences 
is where you find gold.

Go where your soul flows
Go where the wind blows
Be not afraid
Trust and listen
to your wise, old, beautiful soul
and move with the flow.


Hell & Back

Sometimes your heart
must take a ride
a nice long ride
to the dooms of hell.

Your soul must go through
hurricanes, blizzards, and such
in order to level up.
Natural disasters
In order to master
the levels
of life.

Imagine if your heart, mind, and soul
never caught a glimpse of hell?
How boring and shallow 
that would be
But most importantly
you'd never know 
of the divine gold 
that lied deep within your soul

You'd never know God
to the fullest extent
if you never had to search for Her
And you would've never 
even searched for Her
if you never lost a sense of Her
while you were taking that trip
That mandatory trip 
to the dooms and pits

of Hell & Back.

Hello fears

Hello fears
Pretty little fears
sitting in my hand
I receive your message

Quite interesting
Thank you for the lesson
Everything existing
contains a hidden blessing

Hello dark fears
sitting in my hand
Now, goodbye fears
that are being taken 
from my hand

Fly up high
into the pure, divine sky
You are now being integrated
into the

Whole woman

Always protected
Always healthy
Forever loved
& never alone

Single or married
Rich or poor
if there's one thing
that will always be for sure,
it's that I am forever



A conscious release
Subconscious is releasing
all buried thoughts
and suppressed feelings

If you love someone
and if it's meant to be
then it will be.
But before you will know,
you must let them go
and set them free

All those repressed emotions
set them free
Feel, observe, analyze
then let them leave

Let the universe lead
Take the backseat
"Trust in us", the angels said
"And believe." 


Where are the Keys?

I search for you
your heart
and your friendship
in every man I meet

You clearly
have the keys
to my heart.
Can you give them 
back to me?

My heart feels
like it's being held hostage
cause it only knows
one thing

It's been locked up 
Your love is all I fiend
and it's all because I gave you 
the keys to my entire being

You took the keys
and ran with 'em
Probably don't give a shit
of where they might be

So can you please
give me back the keys
to my beautiful being
so I can give them to someone
who actually
gives a fuck
about me.


Meditate > Medicate

of how much you smoke
and how much you drink
when your fears
are at their peak

How much are you intaking
when you should be meditating...

Reminder to self:
the more you try to escape
or use anything
other than yourself
to relax,
the demons
will turn up fast.
they'll get louder
and angrier
once you're sober.
Next thing you know,
you won't want to be sober.

instead of using substances
to heal the discomfort
level up and find comfort
in using the most effective tool
that the divine gifted you.

your ears to listen
your body to feel
your third eye to see
your feet to ground
your heart to love.

most importantly,
use your mind
to be kind
and to constantly remind
that this shit is nothing but a dream.
& there really is no such thing
as time.

Dead End

Have you ever
gone through years and years
of constant heartbreak 
and tears?

Spent all your time
trying to revive 
dead plants. dead trees.
all because of your
pretty little fears

Perhaps, a fear
 of doing this life
without your
best friend

So  you try
with all your might
to get past
a dead end

Do not keep turning
on streets with dead ends
all that does
is add endless
amount of time
to your estimated time
of arrival

Unless your desired 
final destination
isn't exactly where you want to be
then I suggest you quit forcing
dead end streets
to be something
they are not meant to be

More hours
more days
more years
preventing your soul
from being


have fun with it
all of this
is fake

in your mind
what you'd like
your life
to be like

If you want it,
you can have it
(as long as Creator approves)
If He/She doesn't approve
just choose
a different move

At the end of the day
the divine
knows what's best 
for you

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