Be here

Be still
Be love
Be light
Be here

We are
Never far
Always near


You see nothing
and call it "air"
I see a web connected to everything
Energy, if you will

You see your body
and call it "you"
I see a temporary avatar to assist the soul
Sacred temple, if you will

You see coincidences
and call it a weird "occurrence"
I see a synchronicity to guide you
Winks from the universe, if you will

See things as is
See things for what they are
The conditioned, boxed up, mind
will only take you so far...

go farther.
see the larger

When I look at a Tree

As I look at a tree
and remove its label
or name tag, if you will,
the tree is no longer a "tree"

It appears more intriguing, you see
It becomes grand and alive,
interlaced and connected
to everything and I

Whole woman

Always protected
Always healthy
Forever loved
& never alone

Single or married
Rich or poor
if there's one thing
that will always be for sure,
it's that I am forever


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